Pregnancy / Postpartum

Pregnancy / Postpartum

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Mary Goforth | Cornerstone Physical Therapy

Mary Goforth

Havely Carsky | Cornerstone Physical Therapy

Havely Carsky

Hanna Trinite | Cornerstone Physical Therapy

Hanna Trinite

Laura Kraich Scott | Cornerstone Physical Therapy

Laura Kraich Scott


Multifactorial approach to provide rehabilitation to the pregnant and postpartum patient.

What is prenatal/postpartum -

Joint and fascial mobility

  • Pregnancy and weight gain related tensions
  • Scar tissue mobility
    • Perineum
    • C-section scar
  • Manual "hands-on" therapy globally

Muscle coordination

  • Chronic or acute muscle guarding
  • Activation pelvic floor muscles correctly
  • Sacroiliac or pubic symphysis joint hypomobility, hypermobility

Strength and stability

  • Ergonomics for postpartum
  • Habit re-education to decrease strain
  • Core muscle isolation without over tightening

Behavioral modifications

  • Correct toileting posture
  • Correcting poor bladder/bowel habits
  • Decreasing intraabdominal pressure
  • Self-care training
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