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Family Owned, Community Involved

History of the Clinic

Seth and Melinda Fibraio opened their first physical therapy clinic in December 2003 in Tranquility, New Jersey. About two years later, they opened a second clinic not too far away in Clark, New Jersey. While the pair loved living near family and New York City, they found the fast-paced environment of New Jersey not ideal for how they wanted to raise their family. In addition, their desire to have a patient-centered practice was a challenge given the overall health care environment of New Jersey. After two years of careful consideration and prayer they decided to take a leap of faith and move to Asheville. The Fibraio's found the family-friendly environment of Asheville best suited their family's needs. The city's proclivity for natural, holistic approaches to health was also a perfect fit.


After moving from New Jersey to North Carolina, Seth and his wife, Melinda, opened the doors of Cornerstone Physical Therapy in May 2008. The first couple of months while slow allowed them the opportunity to get a solid feel for the community's needs and build a practice that would fill the void. Over time the business grew as people gave Seth and eventually the other therapists the opportunity to show what they do differently from the other clinics in the area. Since its inception, the clinic has added 13 highly-skilled therapists and helped thousands of patients. Not only are we drawing patients from the WNC area, but also from upstate SC and northeast GA because of our sub-specialties.

In early 2013, Cornerstone opened its Wellness Clinic just steps from the first office. The wellness clinic currently offers massage therapy, pelvic health, and lymphedema.

In 2016, Cornerstone opened their second location in North Asheville near Beaver Lake. This office treats general orthopedic conditions, as well as lifting, CrossFit, and other sports injuries. This facility is unique, as it has a full Olympic lifting rig and gear, which allows the therapist to work on issues in the gym while in the clinic.

In 2018, Cornerstone opened their third location in East Asheville. This new office treats general orthopedic conditions, as well as, jaw pain, headaches, dizziness, gait/ balance dysfunction and lymphedema.


Neck feels better than before injury; can bend neck to the side without spasms. Sonya and all the techs were extremely pleasant to work with, caring professionals. Brenda, desk/admin staff are very nice and helpful. 

- C.H.

Mouth feels much better. I am thankful that my dentist referred me here. The staff and quality of care is highly appreciated. 

- E.L.

Very courteous staff, enthusiastic and knowledgable

- J.K.

I would like to say your front desk staff is awesome! They are very friendly and make you feel very welcome. I feel that I have improved my case and other parts of my body as well as improved my urinary incontinence. My therapist Amanda was a pleasure to work with. I actually looked forward to my appointments! She was very professional and truly compassionate about my problems. You knew that she really wanted you to improve and get stronger.

- S.S.

I am so improved I can't even believe it myself. Never thought I'd come this far

- J.W.

No migraine for 3 weeks! You all are great. Thank you so much for everything! This has been a great experience

- E.B.

Our expectations were met and exceeded. Great staff! Good job! Less pain, better posture.

- A.B.

I loved all the help I got here, from neck, shoulders, and foot and ankle. I would not be where I am now without Doug and Caroline

- H.M.

I feel 100% better and am amazed how the therapy relieved my pain and discomfort

- L.P.

All was great!! No more vertigo

- C.S.

I am able to enjoy walking on the parkway again

- J.S.

Not only was my condition improved, but I also gained a new awareness and conciousness to help me maintain and continue improvement and overall health. Dr. Jess and her trainee Amber were beyond fantastic. I am so appreciative.

- K.T.

We loved the staff! They worked hard helping Skylar and at times she can be difficult. Thanks for everything! I love everyone!!

Skylar Fisher

Very happy with the care I have received!

Jolyn Loomis

Best post op experience ever for my knee. Staff is always cheerful & encouraging. Very informative & professional. Jessica was wonderful.

Charles Carter

Excellent. Far better than expected.

James Ferry

That nagging discomfort that was always there is so much better. Worth the time and money!

Karen Isbell

I came in thinking I might need surgery, but after a couple of months I feel 100% better!

Kris Roberts

You guys were great! I can move my neck again! 🙂

Jennifer Vann

I really appreciate the knowledge of Caroline & the explanations she gave & listening to the details of my condition. Also, the attention to details by the office staff. Thank you.

Natasia Bentley

This was a great experience, the staff was great! I am less stressed & more relaxed. I look forward to continuing my exercises & getting stronger.

Shana Davis

Everyone is friendly, professional, polite, sociable and just generally nice people. Thank you for your help!

Jessica Mongiovi

Community Involvement

Below is a number of local organizations that we have either sponsored, hosted a class with, participated in their health fairs or are a member of. Click on their logos to learn more about these organizations.  


Member of Asheville Area 
Chamber of Commerce


Sponsor of Annual 
Superhero 5K Race


Unbroken Series


Sponsor of GOTR of WNC


Offered class about pelvic health 
for post-partum women


Race to the Taps


Classes offered on 
running-related topics


Classes offered relating
to outdoor sports


  • 600 Julian Ln #660, Arden, NC 28704

    Mon.-Thurs. 7:30am-6:30pm

    Fri. 7:30am-6:00pm



Our Therapists

  • 218 Elkwood Ave, #103, Asheville, NC 28804

    Mon. & Wed. 8:00am-6:30pm

    Tues. & Thurs. 8:30am-6:30pm

    Fri. 8:00am-5:00pm

    cptwoodfin@cornerstoneptnc.com   I   828-684-3611

Our Therapists

Our Therapists