Jane Cannon

Licensed Massage Therapist

NC License # 11670

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Jane knew after her very first massage that she was drawn to the amazing healing power of touch. This led her back to her native home and the Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville, where she learned how massage and bodywork can be an essential part of holistic healthcare. Jane taught massage therapy for four years and can provide Swedish for stress relief, pre-natal for expecting mothers, neuromuscular therapy for injured or tight muscles, and combinations of these modalities to meet your body’s needs. Jane specializes in Manual Lymphatic Drainage for skin health and boosting the immune system, and Craniosacral Therapy for deep relaxation and deep trauma healing.


What others have said about my work recently:

Yesterday I experienced Craniosacral work for THE first time. It was amazingly relaxing! It was sublime. I’ve done massage, acupuncture, Acupressure and a few other body work type therapies but THIS was different. Deep trauma related healing.  Michelle D.

 Eight years ago I had an ATV accident that broke my neck and back and required surgery to repair my bones. My neck and back have caused me constant pain, sometimes excruciating, since the accident. Jane explained to me that since no one has ever addressed the muscles involved, it's possible the pain could be coming from there. She was right! After an hour and half of massage, my back pain has decreased by 80%!   Greg H.

 I came to Jane for relaxation. When we talked about my recent bouts with asthma she suggested a Manual Lymphatic Drainage session. Not only did I get a relaxing treatment, but also I have decreased the use of my asthma inhaler from 3-4 times a day to once or twice a week for the last two weeks.   Sherry C.