At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, we offer a variety of massage options for you to choose from whether you are looking to relax and de-stress or looking to find relief from pain.  Our licensed massage and bodywork therapist, Ashley, will customize your treatment based on your individual needs.  We also work with companies who would like to offer our massage services in house to their employees.

Massage Services:


  • Enjoy a flowing style that promotes relaxation while improving circulation, range of motion and releasing muscle tension.

45min/60min/90min for $45/$60/$90


Deep Tissue/Structural Bodywork:

  • This type of bodywork specifically focuses on reducing pain and tightness within the soft tissue layers by achieving balance in the body.

45min/60min/90min for $55/$70/$100


Customized Integrated Massage:

  • A massage designed according to your specific needs to include a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point therapy and other modalities.

45min/60min/90min for $60/$75/$105

Thai Massage:

  • The body is stretched, compressed, rocked and pulled in order to relieve tension.

                                                             60min- upper or lower body focus $75

90min/ 120 min- whole body $105/$120


  • Comfort-based massage tailored to the needs of the person going through cancer, cancer treatment or recovery. Special attention is made to the changing physical and emotional needs of the client. The focus of the massage is to safely offer support for the person using non-invasive therapies that cultivate relaxation, wholeness and relief from the challenges of having cancer.
  • *A doctor’s permission is required for patients who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer or within one year.                                                                                             45min/60min/90min for $60/$75/$105

Foot Reflexology

  • Reflex points on the feet connect to all areas of the body. The reflex points on the feet are held or rubbed using a special technique. Clients experience deep relaxation, improved circulation & balance to the body’s functions.
  • Can be added into any massage session.

45min/60min/90min for $45/$60/$90

Pre & Post Natal Massage

  • This specialized massage is designed to honor and support the mother's body and mind as she begins her journey into motherhood.  Her body will be well supported by the use of pillows and bolsters so not to create excess strain on the ligaments or joints during this vulnerable time.  This allows the body to relaxing even more deeply throughout the session.  A combination of relaxing Swedish and therapeutic deep tissue strokes may be used to facilitate relaxation as well as tension and pain relief from the physical demands of pregnancy.
  • This massage is considered safe for a mother who has safely entered out of the first stage of pregnancy.                                                                                                                45min/60min/90min for $60/$75/$105

Head, Neck & Shoulders:

  • Relax with specific techniques on your face, scalp, neck and upper back to help relieve tension headaches.

45min for $50


Lower Body Focus:

  • Relax with specific techniques focused on your lower back, pelvis, hips, and legs to help release tension and tight muscles in your lower body.

45min for $50

Fascia Blasting 
  • This treatment is restoring connective tissue and rejuvenating your body.  Included is a medical grade infra red sauna treatment for 15 minutes before Fascia Blasting or Swedish Massage begins.
                                                                                               90 min/120min    $100/$130
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Scheduling & Package Pricing:


We offer a variety of customized package deals for our massage therapy services as well as our other wellness services.

Please contact our office for specific package pricing.

**Monthly massage specials must be used within 30 days of purchase.**