Private Practice

Should you choose private practice, hospital-based, or physician-owned practice physical therapy? Based on the results from several studies, the choice is clear.

  • Patients had 39-45% more visits when treated at physician-owned practices and those practices gained 30-40% more revenue per patient than with private practice therapy clinics. Additionally, private practice therapists spent on average 60% more time treating patients than therapists treating in physician-owned practices. In other words, patients receive more care and require fewer visits with private practice clinics like Cornerstone Physical Therapy.
  • Based on insurance claims, hospital-based outpatient physical therapy clinics have been found to charge on average 50% more than private practice clinics for the same services, such as manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.
  • Patients who self-refer to physical therapy through direct access receive fewer medications and had less imaging with similar or better outcomes and lower overall health care costs than those referred by a physician.

At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive, high-quality care in the most cost-effective manner.

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