Managing Pain

Controlling pain is essential to successful rehabilitation.

Let us offer you the POWER OF CORRECT DIAGNOSIS.The first thing a Cornerstone Physical Therapist will do for your pain is to correctly determine the origin of the pain. Correctly diagnosing where pain is coming from is essential to effective treatment.Many people do not realize that Physical Therapists are licensed to diagnose problems of the musculoskeletal system such as disc-related pain symptoms, tendonitis. Often pain in the leg or arm is related to the spine and it is important to correctly identify the source of pain in order to design the best treatment. One of the tried-and-true methods we use is the McKenzie Method.Physical Therapists may also rule out if the problem is not musculoskeletal in nature and if not, will refer the patient to an appropriate physician for further evaluation.After we have successfully identified the origin of the pain, then we can work towards eliminating it by prescribing the best treatment options and teaching you how to get rid of pain. If pain is chronic, we assist you with techniques to reduce or manage pain and assist you with techniques to maintain or return to independent function. We also work in coordination with other practitioners involved in your care for the most holistic approach to pain management.Let us help you continue the activities you enjoy without discomfort.