Welcome to Cornerstone Physical Therapy in Woodfin!

At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, our staff strives to make your rehabilitation experience positive and uplifting. As a family-owned and operated clinic, we treat our patients with compassion in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

With a focus on manual therapy techniques and personalized, one-on-one care, our Physical Therapists provide treatment for a wide array of conditions.


Dry Needling
Joint Manipulation
Images for various interventions. Dry Needling: An intra-muscular therapy intervention targeting trigger points in muscles. This intervention has shown great results for chronic headaches which have otherwise proven untreatable.

We expertly treat orthopedic and sports injuries, pelvic floor disorders, neurological conditions, TMJ dysfunctions, spinal disorders, and much more.

We understand how difficult this experience can be and we are committed to help every step of the way.

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